Love's a Fairytale

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She's my everything, She's my fairytale
She's my Queen of Hearts, She holds my harp
And plays it well x2
Nah, Fuck all this sappy shit
You fucks call this happeniss
Pain indured, flames impure
You must call yourselves maschofists
Been stuck in a everlasting wish
Wanting love but you can't, pascifist
Hate ignored, Creating more
Saddened lips to close with the casket lid
Another bastard kid with no father
Then there's children with no adult since
They had no sense when they had commenced
their love in sins with no bother
Believe your husband or wife's no harmer
When your face and arm are scratched and bruised
Cause your armor is your heart confused
Apart from brew you believe it you - They Love
See i've played that role, See my breaking soul
Was available for any waiting coal
Awaking woes, sensations fold my vaping smoke
Her relating sto-ry sedated worries
As I ate her glow
She picked me up as I dragged her down
She made me smile as she masked her frown
She twist her words into my jagged crown
She played the strings of a gasping clown
That I called my harp, That I called my heart
They're just ashes now

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