Trust no one.

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Once I met a man with a long cigar,
was talkin' bout love n his sacred scars
then a lil' deeper bout his wife and so,
went a lil cheaper, bout his life and no
Never asked much, on the ride though
He showed me a picture, like Mariah though,
Said hed never let go, never stood aside
But once, outta the blue, BAM,
He thought she was fam, he thought he was damned
He thought he was cursed
She confessed, he was never first
BishSlept wit a nig, by the name of Kurt
At the wedding night, that shit occurred
Hook x2
I learned a lesson, I got the test
Trust no one, always lead the rest
Confessions of for you, I've once confessed
Bout my life and my strives, you know the rest
distend to commend, man defend a friend
Could scarcely fathom the weight of love
Some just use it to condescend, I can't comprehend
all the bullshit n lies,
Left all the reasons, I held her hand
So there called "love" I took a stand
Through all the fights, through all the nights
Through all the heartbreaks, through all The cries
Was a silly shot we've once survived
She once said, "never leavin your sight"
(worst thing I did)
I replied, yo' "I'm by your side"
Hook x2

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