what is love?

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You should always love life and love yourself
even if you don’t have a wife you still have your life your health
you don’t need to be with someone else if shes not right
wait for the girl that makes your heart take flight
I am not going to lie
I’m not a jedi
I am really just a normal average guy
I don’t party I stay inside
the reason why
is because I feel empty inside
Movies songs pictures and tv shows
potray life one way but nobody knows
that realty is all relative
so instead of staying home go out and relate live
because life is what you make it and if you stay inside
you’ll never make it you’ll be confined
so confront yourself and do whats right
live in the moment go outside today tonight
nobody wants to be alone
so people go out of their home
looking for the one there own
other people go online
put everything on the line
trying to meet nice guys nice girls
on daiting websites
but then they get cough in the web
the complain about the bites on their head
in their heart the pain tearing them apart it just spreads
when things don’t work out well
they’ll think they’ve been coursed by a spell
but its not hard to spell it out for you
so let me tell you the truth
love is the most powerful force
but you’ll only get the full power of love if its not forced
life might run its course
buts it better to be alone then to be with the wrong person ofcourse

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