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I wanted a dime with Einstein's mind
Flyer than fine wine, even by God's design
but then a time in my timeline to mark with an asterisk
I found her by accident, and her love was lavishness
let me be the one to speak of what I'm seeing underneath it
Never do we fight so you could say that we're undefeated
and oh, what's so amazing in her way and her phrasing
it puts me in a trance so I can't remember what she was saying...
that took a while to explain...
but she understands that sometimes my thoughts need a train
and that is her, completely, I've got nothing to complain about
except for what may be on the day when we are faded out...
There's something about >virtue that hurts you - not the literal sense
but getting >mad on what you could have had - bitter defense
you don't know what you got 'till it's gone
but don't know what you don't 'till you got it
and one-way choices will always be wrong
but my dreams lit up the inside of her pocket
scared of commitment, or certain that I need more
I know she is amazing, but is it best to reach for
what I need, or what we need? I should let her speak
But she's happy as-is, and God bless the meek...
This is where I worry, this is where I fear
I could take so many paths and none of them are clear
Nothing is wrong, but nothing is right, and when I write
I'm reminded I ain't never find a girl that's my type
lots to mess around with, none worth keeping
got to get one that I'm down with, one worth creeping
but deep in concern, so I should be the one to listen
to find that I'm not the only one steeped in undecision
Neither one of us knows what's up with the future
she's the pearl in the field, there's nothing I wouldn't do for
but does she know what she needs to do for me
I know what's coming but it's too far for you to see
there's a lot I can't say, I got to keep it a secret
we check the crystal ball, all we see is the eclipse
but now I think about it, I just go with the moment
cause every moment with you still feels like a bonus

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