(A-K)Kresky(one take) FUCK DEM HOES

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hes off to never land without a plan
wouldn't expect you to ever understand
its love, hes says i know im young, but its love
heres a short story, about a man
shortly went down hill after
the love didn't go according to plan
may sound corny but damn...
he used to hold her hand,
now hes down to his last gram
only so much more he can withstand
what would you do if you saw your love with a new man?
explain the feeling?, fuck that no one can
love can affect you in all types of ways
no one can control cupid when he sprays
hes said it before he'll say it again
girl you my homie, lover and friend
and im sorry for the way I let it end
but love, man fuck love, fuck this cypher
hand me my grinder, fuck being kinder
trying to unwind with all this alone time
i sit write and rhyme
I just want to see her
kiss her one more time

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