Time Is Of The Essence

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Time is of the essence, I can't afford to be stressing,
I'm not messing with this, welcome aboard to my presence,
So Consider this a blessing, there's no need for second guessing.
The highest bidder is the listener, you win a free lesson.
I'm never backing down from this shit,
Forever rapping in the now, past and future, you bitch,
Everybody's clapping, they bow to me for being the fastest Brit,
I sever the track, I'm endowed with a gift just admit this is sick.
I'm eradicating all the hating by racing them to the number one rating,
They're standing there waiting to be equating but I got them abating,
Face it I'm fucking amazing you should be praising me,
The fire on the track is blazing so debating me is crazy,
Gimme the beat and I'mma chop it in pieces and eat it up,
Shimmy your feet cos I'm not gonna stop it so speed it up,
Stepping on the clutch 'til the pedal's about to bust,
Engine's ready to combust, it's unsteady like a gust,
Thrust the gear stick - now I'm shifting into fifth,
Splitting all the limits and skipping 'em every minute,
I'm shittin' on every mimic and gimmick,
I'm never quitting, I'm forever unremittin' until I'm hittin' infinite!
Maybe I should consider slowing it down just a little,
They want me to change the difficulty back to the middle,
But fuck 'em all I'm deranging other rappers cos every single one of
them's brittle,
So I'll spit a little a bit more 'til they've been whittled.
Deep Breath
When it comes to choppin' there ain't a better competitor,
my competition be droppin' outta sight cos I'm the predator,
Compared to me you got a speech impediment,
the only time you'll ever be better is when using an editor.
Oh wait - you do that already?
Then you better be ready because I can spit too many syllables
in a matter of seconds without breaking a sweat
and that ain't even the minimal!

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