Feelin It by Ray Lucero

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Time is passing too quickly for me to seize the moment
I wanna freeze and hold it memories you see they golden
My youngest sister started looking at college enrollment
You need to own it to pay tuition you gotta loan it
So don’t postpone it to live your life like grown up
The freedom you’re expecting is really debt disguise
Now you’re tied to all these payments and working just to get by
Getting bank statements and seeing the freedom was lie
It feels like yesterday I was packing my bags for school
Packed in that shitty apartment but a place without the rules
Packing bongs with the kush cracking thirty pack of bush
And if you were on the edge, peer pressures there to push
But if you fast-forward now I’ve found another meaning
I’m California dreaming tell my mom and pops I’m scheming
Doing something I believe in don’t need a reason to wait
When I slide someone my tape I say what think and they say
I’m living my life
Getting it right no giving and go
Getting my ducks in row never giving a fuck you should know
My younger days were made on the thought that this hunger pays
It fades away if you ain’t getting paid but wonder stays
Pressing prodding and poking I’m stressing sodden and soaking
My jesters suggest I’m joking but what the fuck you doing
Don’t claim knew him when hated the from bottom
I’ve been slated for the top now a days I got them saying
That’s right, you feeling it
Cause I’ve been, killing it
Never really big dealing it
Getting better diligence
In a class of my so consider this syllabus
I won’t be so frivolous
I know that I’m limitless
If I keep my innocence,
But damn how hard it is for us to lead a life of living
I only start to see you really get what you’ve been giving
So if you got a dream make a plan or you’ll be wishing

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