Life Is Too Short

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Life Is Too Short To Waist It
Just Got To Believe It Yourself And Keep Trying
You Have To Spread Them Wings and Keep Flying.
Verse 1
Sometimes In Life You Get Really Shitty Cards
Bad To The Point Where You Dont See a Good Life
Your Future Looks So Dark
Thats When You Begin Having These Thoughts
Take The Easy Way Our and Just End Your Life
Because You're Tired Of Enduring the Pain
That The Others Have Caused
Made You Feel Useless
a lot of Time All Because
Wealth or Popularity
Thats Just Fucked Up
Some May Say Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones
But The Words Will Never Hurt Me
Doesn't Make Much Sense To Me
And This Is Why So Listen Closely
The Words Are The Most Powerful
Tools We Have
They Have The Power To Motivate Some
and Break Down The Others
Just Like The Klitchko Brothers
So If There Is Some Shit You're Going Through
Not Sure If You Gona Make It
Just Remember These Words That I Sat In This Song
Maybe They'll Help You Forget It
Life Is Too Damn Short To Waist It
Gotta Believe In Yourself And Keep Trying
Need To Open Them Wings and Keep Flying.
Verse 2
People In This World Are Fucking Assholes
They'll Make It Their Life Long Goal
To Make You Feel Useless
Say All Kinds Of Shit Just To Act Cool In front of Their Friends
So Let Me Open Up To You
And Tell You Something That I Did
As A Kid But Now Im Regretting to it
I Remember This Girl That I Used To Pick On
She Wasn't The Smartest
The Prettiest
Maybe Had a Down Syndrome
Lived With Her Grandfather on a Low Income
Her Parents Died In a Car Accident a Few Years Prior To It
And Yet She Still Came To School With A Smile On Her Face
Like Nothing Happened To Her
But Instead Of Making Her Feel Welcome
We Turned Her Into Our Victim
Made It Our Job To Make Sure That She Hates Her Fucking Life
Damn Like She Hasn't Had Enough.
Life Is Too Damn Short To Waist It
Gotta Believe In Yourself And Keep Trying
Need To Open Them Wings and Keep Flying.
Verse 3
Now Im Looking Back Wondering Why Nobody
Ever Backed Her Up
Maybe Try To Stand Up For Her
And Try To Kick My Ass
For Acting Like a Motherfucking Jackass
But Instead Im Sitting Here Writing
Got a Tear In My Eye Fighting
My Emotions Trying
Not To Break Down and Start Crying.
Cuz The Things We Made Her Do
Im Sorry Doesn't Even Come Close To
Apologizing For Those Mistakes
Its Too Late For Me
But Not For You
So If There's a Bully Picking on someone
At Your School
Get Up and Stand Up
and Fight For Whats Right
Cuz You Never Know,
You Might Just Give Someone a Reason
To Wake Up The Next Morning.
and As Far As For You
I wanna say im sorry
For Making Your Life a Living Hell.

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