My Time

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I'm still looking for what's mine
Man it took alot - a - time
Tripping like we out of time
Playing this game like it's preschool free time
But trust me up the ladder i'll climb.
And when it seems real close, your whole life seems fine.
Bars designed to turn back time
I'm still looking for what's mine
Void, 'stroyed sent up in time,
Is it already time
I'm still looking for what's mine
Losin my mind one piece at a time
That's why i'm going overtime on this fuckin' rhyme.
I know, i know, i'll serve my time
Matta fact, sitting back on my mammas time.
Hello, this is my time.
2pac, a poet addressing a worlda crime
No man, now it's my time
And all he wanted was a nice dime.
Hello, this is my time no one else's and if u don't think so try
to take the mic from me SIKE!! I'm just playing my time ain't over and I
have no idea when but I guess its over when I say its over.

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