Low Class Conspiracy

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So much for one take right? Fuck it...
Verse 1:
Once the pen's in my hand my attention span.
Begins expansion to depths of Grand Canyons.
Plan to overcome the slums that I'm jammed in.
Single handed build my empire mansion.
I'm never stranded pursue to move forward.
Move slower from drunk thoughts when I'm sober
The odor of Rolling Rock or Ciroc
Is enough to put my last buck on the spot to cop.
As they say one a day keeps away the Doc.
But this pain doesn't stop till the last drop.
I'm filled with sad thoughts haven't used to my laugh box
Probably brought to get hope from smoking crack rocks.
Sitting back swigging back beers thinking back when
In high school as the white dudes only black friend.
As a kid as the outcast in the sour patch.
Wish I could rewind time, flip the hour glass.
When I thought touching the sky was such a lie.
So many of them all at one time they aligned.
Now I know whats the time better duck and hide.
Cause I'm back like a fucking spine, bitch.
Verse 2:
Might as well kiss the curb cause these words
Reach first degree even when I sneeze the tissue burns.
Like the spliff when you twist the herb. Or the comet
Cruising from the Moon before it hits the Earth.
Now its urgent. Serpents on the surface.
Matter of hours or minutes before they diminish.
Pass the Guinness, I need a pint of that.
For the record ask Guinness, I kick the finest raps.
My dick they're riding that no surprise to that.
When I'm chasing and raking in Benjamin Franklins.
Pigs I call them Bacon the modern day Satan.
Tryna keep me caged in like fucking slave men.
I've come a long way all these nights and days
Spent with pen and paper writing away.
Like today, I came up with a hit-list.
But all these names didn't fit so I went ahead and stripped it.
So I guess you got struck with some luck.
Next time you're getting hit like a puff from the blunt.
Talking about me saying he's so lazy.
Well now they consider me G.O.A.T.

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