Time Cypher

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Every minute pass i pass another fucking blunt
My ex called but i aint fucking with that fucking cunt
Excuse me, i guess my language kinda rough
But maybe im just reminiscing on how she like to fuck
Remember kissing telling secrets when we kinda drunk
Chillin in December plan our lifes an all that other junk
Put me in a blender now im shredding these love letters up
Fuck with other bitches but i know they will never measure up
Pleasure is half my fault, feeling like a rock a salt
Why'd i have to rock the boat, out of breath no time to float
Paint my heart coating with this coat of paint
Need a coat im so cold from all this pain
Monopoly hearts, i guess she playing games
Throwing out my go money wonder if she stay the day
No honey nothing ever stay the fucking same,
Only thing time wont change about me is my fucking name
Wonder if these hands stop moving they abusing me
Accusing me of lies when i aint seen her in a fucking week
Cruising loosing interest in my consciousnesses
Confusing used to refuse rehearsing concerts, yet
Improving the illusion it aint time im fucking loosing
Cause when that hour hand ticking its her im fucking missing
And genies could call for wishes better never know how to wish time
Infintly always moving entity for how i rhyme
Tiffany was always timid and timothy always mimic
From critics care to much bout what they fucking printed
And winded it to their limits and followed all their gimmicks
Till he realize the time he loosing to his image
Pray to god i dont think about it to much x3
Cause when i rhyme time moving like a few judge.

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