The Crime of Time

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This time in life
It seems so distant
A constant strife with myself
Trying to remain optimistic
Through missteps
And regrets
Of passing time
Staying contempt
With the suspense
Time redefines
What life's about
And everything we stand for
Slowly it's fading away
Abused like a gangs whore
These negatives constantly being reinforced
Spread further and further like a plague by the misinformed
I'll continue to break away
People look at me amazed when I make my display
As if me breaking through the haze might somehow instigate
All the hatred that throughout time has been refusing to dissipate
I'm still so lost as to why
Time passes but the same lies
Reemerge with new disguises
it's like we're afraid to criticize it's
Really a shame
We constantly play this game
From this new world to the old days
It's always the same
Forgive me but I think it's time that we stop
I resent the repetition of the ticking clock
The way that time keeps going, showing how people have forgot
That if you foster the flames it'll eventually get too hot
The times will turn against you like history's taught
And then we're the ones left here with nothing but overwrought
But everything is ever changing
Yet never changing
As I sit and watch the time stop
Just listening to the ticking clock
//Build 1:20 - 1:41
Just like a stopwatch
Everything stops moving once my mind stops
With nothing left but the blind spots
In memory
The imagery leaving nothing but misery
Successfully destroying my mind mentally
Intentionally trying to end me intrinsically
And in masterfully dismembering
This trap that was created
From a war that's never ending
but was never initiated
Slowly realities incinerated
Impossible to break free from where I'm incarcerated
Stuck in this empty shell
Time is nonexistent in this false hell
Killing time while time kills
Losing my sanity over time
It's just typical
A life made up of miracles
Is this all fictional?
We're all kept in the dark
And soon enough we'll be back at the start
I know this deep in my heart
I've been here long enough so maybe I'll just unwind
This odd way that life constantly runs in this paradigm
So I'll be back at the start
Right back to the prime
And enjoy each passing moment with a crystal mind
I know I'm only a part
Of the song just a chime
It'll happen eventually though it's just all in due time.

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