It's My Time (Congratulations)

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[Verse 1]
Watch my words play, on a word page
It’s hour time, cheek you watch, cause it’s the nerd age
Yes that was hour with a 'h' I bet you missed that
Double double entendre I bet your pissed that
My first few lines are better then you're favorite player's stats
I'm just saying it's my time, Lebron just step back
Like Jordan's back on the court and back in his prime
Other rappers care about every stack and every dime
I care about trying my best and not wasting time
Yes, Time maybe money, so I guess I'm spending mine
Expanding my knowledge of the game, still on my grind
Believe you me, I've spent my time just trying to climb
and keep moving to the peaks of my potential
and even though I'm so mental with a pencil
that it's safe to say I haven't made it yet
But don't forget to view me as your biggest threat (yes)
[Verse 2]
Hear that? The crowds giving me a round of applause
I have the best lyrics around while your grasping at straws
It's kinda scary how I do this low budget like jaws
Like the claws on a cat you may need to paws
and rewind, just to get my witty rhymes
but all you guys a spitting shitty lines
and you get away with it like city crimes
(Just hold up and congratulations)
[Verse 3]
So ahead of my time, cause I'm in another time zone
Shout out to Sydney, yeah that's my home
So from the bottom of the map, and still moving up
I work so hard at this, others aren't doing much
I bet you didn't know I'm an actor too, no lie
I also write and direct indie shit, yeah I'm so fly
I put in all this effort and you know why?
You can't be as good as me so don't try
It took both Drake and Lil Wayne to do this track Justice
But look at what happens when LongShot touched this
I'm sorry, I'm getting cocky now, not what I usually do
I usually fight for peace and justice, like a doctor who
has no borders and helps people out like a time lord
The truth is that I'm only human, I know that I'm flawed
But it's still my time, and my rhymes flow so well
I've got an outstanding vocabulary and I'm oh so swell
that even if I don't have a rhyme for this line,
all of you will be just thinking so, oh well
I'm still moving at the same angle forget snell
I might not be the greatest, but really only time can tell
Yeah, I'm still on my grind
twenty-four seven three-sixty-five,
every day of my life
Fuck the hook, I ain't sayin it twice
so congratulations

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