Amir diss( Jus a joke)

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Hello rappad I been on here since november
Dont you remember my fame aint really climb so it aint really timber
And these niggas try to sing hakuna matata like they simba
See I gave you a chance all I really did was grind
But dammit Amir I think I wasted my time
See I found this website thought it was heaven
But then this shit blew up around 9:11
You see time= Money and I made shit
I'ma bout to push back time Like a hairline cut at great clips
Time is really valuable so you better save it
I'ma roll up to Amir house shoot em but not in the head
Cuz I wanna make sure his punk ass ain't dead
I'ma take every second that you stole Every minute that you jacked
I'ma take ya grandfather clock and ya grandfathers watch as you watch it get smashed
If you try n retaliate you'll get smack backed to the future
Ill break the time barrier of dreams like Freddy Kruger
This super loser probably watches his life's bloopers all the time
Well it's time you wake up and choke on cock and doodle doo ya rooster
We out here busting our ass while you grading rhymes
And ya bars? well Day Light and they aint saving time
But why you work a 9 to 5 but always weighing dimes
(Verse 2)
You crave creativity but you aint craving these 9s to 5s
Cuz ima carry a 9 to 5 as long as my moms working a 9 to 5
Cuz when it was 9 minutes to 5 you realized you work 9 hrs 5 days a week
We like "Amir we got hella bugs on this site call the exterminator"
While Amir like "Aint nobody got time for that" you ain't got time to rap
You not uploading but yo childish ass got time for snacks?
It's time you get smack back... wait I already used that
Fuck it let this shit run I'm done

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