The Truth of Time

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Time after time we're hurtin with pain
Madness runs through your veins and begins to constrain
Your head starts spinning you don't know where your at
Now your swinging like a kid with a wiffleball bat
The sorrow sinks in and you think you will cry
I will never ever say to you the word goodbye
Besides, I'm still spitten out these sick rhymes
I do it all the time and I know I'm in my prime
You know I got the supply so lets smoke and get high
Cause this pearly that I rolled you won't want to deny
Eyes so red they start filling with blood
I think I might be about to self destruct
But that don't matter, roll the next one fatter
This next blunt will take us to a new chapter
Cause you know I'm the master of all the best rappers
Spitten out the answers to all the catastrophic disasters
Get in my car I'll show you exactly what I mean
I'll take to this place called the Land of Weed
Dude, look! I can touch the sky
Bro gimme that blunt this niggas way too high
Puff puff pass that's exactly how I do
Friends and families the only thing I pursuit
Life is short, be with the ones you love
Cause one day you might go above
Live life to the fullest, it will feel the purist
No demons inside me, they've been abolished
I took the sword and I became a lord
I'm a lion, a king, you should be afraid when I roar
Hold up your pride as we smoke up this blunt
All day all night, let's drink and get drunk
New party every night, this shit is hella tight
You wanna battle me, it's like starting a fight
I'll beat you to the ground, I won't make a sound
You'll wake up in the desert with nobody around
The heat kicks in and you fall to your knees
This is when the vultures begin to feast
Now your gone, your flows make me yawn
My flows are what people are drawn
To, you just wirhdrew
Lets put this battle in the fucking rearview
Cause I just schooled your pimp little ass
And left you homeless living in a pile of trash
Cause you know I got cash, and I'll never crash
So let's chill in my crib and smoke my one ton stash

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