The Root Vibe

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I'd like to take a few bars just to talk about vibe
and not the type of shit that you bump in your ride
I'm talking most of the emotions that come up when you die
you try to face it now but you getting stuck when you try
so you delay it to the day that you be facing the end
and wonder why you spend your days faking a stake in the trends
I had to learn...the dark is where I'm shining a light
If I don't start the search today, I'm starting it tonight
the 5th Dimension is a split the time stream
I lost time so tryin' to get time back when I dream
looking for divine schemes, searching with the highbeams
but realized that time is mine whenever I define things
cause every moment every day we're in a state of mind
and attitude determines altitude...rate of climb
in no dimension is it mentioned ways to make up time
So I am focused on the moment and this fate of mine
it's the provision to our vision, and hate is blind
but if that's the only point of view that they can find
it's not because it was impossible, they gave up tryin'
they say the ends justify the means...straight up lyin'
the lessons of the heavens ain't some made up signs
but realize their great mistake as their fate unwinds
think of the deal with the devil that they done signed
so never take the name in vain, though this ain't a shrine
the root of everything that's new is a seed of the mind
but you won't even think it cause of people reading your mind
that's the fear that's food for thought, what they feed to the blind
a book could save your life but you never read it in time
Talk too 'em John...
Guitar solo
The ends are the sum of the means...Mackavelli
Those give slugs catch slugs...that's compelling
gimme a reason to believe you shouldn't crack the teli
so dehydrated drinking from a brackish well he
always dwelling on black thoughts, they might be trill
can't fit the ocean in my cup, too easy to fill
every drop of thoughts is precious, too easy to spill
like the blood of children without out a reason to kill
step out the darkness, though it might be the truth
it's not the habit that's the best for you to teach to the youth
look at the emotions in your soul if you're needing the proof
what puts the high in the high, and the sweet in vermouth
Acceptance...Presence...getting to the essence
it'll change your whole vibe in seconds
I don't know if it needs time to grow, or if it comes in a flash
But there is one thing for sure, you can't buy it with cash
so am I looking for a child or a flash of light
but If I don't find it today, I'ma start looking tonight

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