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I wrote this a year ago, when the time moved slow,
I decided to finish it up cause almost 2 years later
I have finally moved on from a sob to a hater,
from a hater to a sayer,
from a sayer to a saint, I'm no longer goin to delay,
Time moves on and wounds heal,
You learn what's fake and whats real,
You learn that the past is gone and the future is mysterious,
What was once beautiful is now hideous,
You learn your life is no more complex,
than the most outlandish concepts,
you learn that time is not linear,
you learn that everything is subjective and trivial,
You learn that rap is more than the beat, it's lyrical,
Not to be cynical, but old school was the pinnacle,
of rap, that's why I'm so sceptical of new shit, it's medical,
how sick some rapper make me, I want to get physical,
Grab my bicycle and rip off lil waynes right testicle,
smash his face in so he's a vegetable,
at least that way he'd be good for you,
No hate it's true,
Just listen to the garbage he spews,

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