Time SHALL End

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This is the time,
Doctor said i was fine
well... I was raised by a tree, pine
start whine and I'll break your, spine
Shit, see that thing there was, mine
I'll dine with time with a Lime
-color jacket on my mind?
Time is automatic,
You don't need to rewind it,
Don't look now behind ya, shit,
And you will see your past ghost, it's evil,
It beats the best of the most, believe it,
Don't look now or you'll be lost, We've seen it,
See what i was taught
was you can do what you ought,
2 be in your life until you dropped dead,
No one has ever said, that:
"time will be stopped"
I know that you don't know yet
some day it shall stop, dead.
Give us this day, our daily bread

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