It Takes Time

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Writer's block
minutes tick away on the clock
loss of thoughts
this seems to be happening a lot.
I have no route, I have no plot.
Always end up at square one
no matter how hard I've fought.
I've got to get my mind right,
gain control of this inward fight.
So I turn on the music and take flight.
I'm reaching new heights.
My future starts to seem more bright.
Reach my goals, I just might.
Here we go
sit back while I spit this flow.
Once it gets started, you can't stop it, no.
Might not be a pro,
but just watch me grow.
Only looking towards tomorrow.
Just see how far I'll go.
Don't just coast, I row.
Working until my first show,
I just want to make that ceiling blow.
I can't settle for less, I want mo.
I'm being haunted,
being taunted,
by memories of a past never to be forgotten.
Everything I've ever fought with
spills out
repression unclotted.
The help I've soughted
kills me
I've rotted.
Don't call me a survivor
I'm not it.
Peace is all I've ever wanted.

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