31,536,000 Seconds

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yesterday today next week or tomorrow
we as people try to make sense of it all
crawl through small spaces and climb to tall places
but face it in our current state were all complacent
I'm saying we treat time like its something we have to deal with
and so we never deal with the real myth of our feeling
i think its kind of messed up
but still i gotta fess up
cause i ain't different i ain't no enlightened kind
of kid that's got something better to do with his time
all i do is smoke and rap where am i gonna go with that
i'm just tryna poke the trap and i really hope it snaps
Cause i'm so fucking depressed with my current position
its my vision no my mission to make music that people listen to
but i don't know how ima end up
because recently times have been tough
there's 31 million seconds in a year
some spend them in tears
others spend them in fear
people spend there time trying to get more of it
but i think people should just try do more loving
because time flys when your having fun
but your time up when your at the wrong end of a gun
trust me when i say this all that i can say is
worry about your life don't worry about your savings
because money is an object that can be lost
and tossed aside to make you feel lost inside
When gandalf talked i sat and really listened
he said you can only decide what to do with the time that you've been given
all these other rappers going signing to labels that wont even listen
that isn't what you need to be trying to do go on and make some commission
Is it a crime to just pass the time by just chilling and rapping
I guess so
I was gonna record this but i ran out of time what do you know

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