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time is money as money is time,
and if you wasting it you better not hesitate and turn it around,
one shot, all i need is one shot,
a broken watch is a slot in a timeless spot,
back to the future or forward into the past,
exellerate at such speed the seconds cant pass,
leaving history behind with questions to ask,
never wait a minute if time can get twisted,
listening to the gifted rip rap sheets,
faster then the times of an all star track team,
when time is on your side your always winning,
you will never see another side of me,
because the despcription fits my lifes meaning,
make you watch and spot,
a stopwatch being stopped spot on,
then time freezes,
like the breezes in canada's winter season,
real chill real chill, for a damn reason,
the realest the realest,
paint pictures with marks left with lyerical imprints,
decoded into a ticking time bomb ready to denote at any minute,
then negotiate with the assocaites and walk away with millions,
as a villain spilling champange,
somewhere in the world where you can not name it,
my time on earth was well worth the days i planned it,
my action ended in satisfaction with my pockets,
having more money then i can carry in my wallet,
like i pilot my own life so i would be fly to death am i right,
never wrong cause my writing arm possess the talent,
that god would've wanted,

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