Time (Cypher)

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Seconds, minutes, hours went by
sitting here thinking, wondering why.
didn't take time serious as a child
was too busy playing, being a delight
as i laugh and sob, covered in slob
time crawled
as a teenager being corrected and scold
time was sold to all my friends didn't have it for myself, getting old
got my first job, didn't have time for anyone anymore
cause time was a whore
didn't keep up with it, so it didn't love me, i was a bore
as time runs out, I'm passing on
i finally noticed time was really gone.
If I knew better I would have respected it
just realised when I needed it the most, time dipped.
when we're enjoying life time moves fast
left wishing it could have only last
when we're depressed time be really moving slow
at that time we've already lost our glow
why can't time just go at my pace
This just seems like a tired, timeless endless race

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