Cypher Submission - What is Time?

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Ah shit, where am I?
What place is this, man?
What planet am I on? Woah!
I'm sure that this isn't earth?
I'm lost in time, It cost my life, I try to go soft with #rhymes
Crossed the line between the wrong and right
Shocked 'cause I'm like Robert Frost with lines
Intricate mind that's blocked with #rime
In this manifested house, call it the Shrieking Shack
Time elapses so quick and I'm just bleeding black
Breathing black air with dirt in my air sacs
Tried to insert a key through a door with my bloody bare hands
But couldn't cause my vision was grey and black
I was dizzy and wheezing but got out of that room
I was in comatose and no one walks around this tomb
I was stuck in a clock and it was the middle of June
So many #hourglasses #running #outta #sand
I couldn't find our glass, I mean me and man-kinds
I couldn't withstand that the hour hand was missing
The clock only had one hand and got me thinking
What was up with #this #place? What was up with this case?
Was I stuck in space? Were the humans #displaced?
With the pendulum oscillating, thoughts were complicating
I wasn't concentrating on the complications
Lost in deep space thinking I'd see #human #fossils
on earth, when I'd return cause this world was #dilated
I was confused and wondering, 'Was I sedated?'
Looking at a black-hole, 'How was it created?
What was on the other side? Was it another nation that faded?
Did a wormhole lead to the #creative #creator of all #creations
Time's a crazy thing and as you watch the pendulum swinging
Your time goes right in the flash of a minute
Gotta keep a limit and stay committed
Time ain't #no #game so you cant #master #it
There's no escape, even the #timekeeper couldn't #master #it
#He #doesn't even #know who the #master #is
How #old's #this #place and #what #is #time? Can you #answer #it?

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