Questions For God

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I'm not a man of God or any religion at all,
In fact I have more belief in the existence of Paul,
But if it were all real and I arrived at the gates,
I would first question him on why there's so much hate,
And why we can only make it to heaven if we're considered 'straight'
It's 2015, you seem a little late.
I would ask him to explain to me his 'Divine Plan'
And why the fuck it includes taking children's lives man.
How can you justify the loss of a child's life?
There's absolutely no universe in which that is right.
Why is there starving people all over the world?
The thought of this sadness makes me wanna hurl,
They would do the same but they have nothing to throw up,
You claim to love everyone, but them? You don't give a fuck.
I could keep going but you don't know jack,
So lock the gates behind me cos I'm not coming back.

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