Cypher Entry - One Love

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Open my eyes from the blurry chase,
Woken inside, never hit thirty eight
severely everything fits Securely in place
Standing at the pearly gates, with a dirty cape
it's been a worthy wait Heaven in front of me
like a strengthened country But shit nothing can touch me,
no reality in front of me Speaking to God,
his teachings awed, meanings in one shot
Questions beaming, unlock the doors for props
Unblock the hole, why do people here the gun cock
in the night people die like speedos from one cough
Pedos make them hoes run off in fright
12 o clock, You made some cocks
Tsunamis killing people with rocks
Tornadoes slicing homes into pastrami
Ghettos killed by poverty Echoes of the zeros
God can you follow me? If we're yours,
where was the cure, i'm on the pure tour
life's belt that i've been delt is unsecure
It's finally here it's finally over
Sit back like a combover
I say God
Like Jesus I'll be the son above

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