The Pearly Gates

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Never thought I'd ever get to stand at these gates/
the most precious time I ever spent was fanning each flame/
in a manic dreamstate, I had to leave late/
after passing each day so I could grab a clean slate/
I used a bent blade to slash through the thickened gloom/
just to meditate on all the things I did and didn't do/
I was an exhaust pipe that was spewing some clouds/
strolling past demons that were wiping drool from their mouths/
a gathering of friends that laid flat into the evening/
that tooth of the devil left me fastened to the ceiling/
thought I was doomed for hell, thought I was smelling the sulfur/
thought I wasn't doing well, thought I was dealt every puncture wound/
that this world could fucking do, epitome of drunken fool/
thought I was far beyond being something they could troubleshoot/
another bruise, another cut, another drug I'm crushing up/
another fluke, another jump, another son that's come undone/
I know something's up, why the fuck am I here?/
my downfalls stacked high could stretch a couple light years/
it's quite weird, I think I have a right to be suspicious/
opposite of errant knights, fires in the village/
sinking til I couldn't breathe, felt like I was pulling teeth/
I think I was shook in the dead center of that crooked scene/
to say the least, this decision left me confused/
come on, motherfucker, just tell me the truth/

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