Heaven Cypher Submission

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It's time
I step into heaven's gates
Acceptin' my second fate
And question the mess of greatness
In a session of acceptin' hatred
No one knows how we'd fare after death
Glowin' hope now we're here past the steps
The last chapter's dead and the master's set
Dreams not shattered yet and we gathered to get
Into heaven's gate it's seven fates
Left each with eleven great minutes to spin it's most menace story for confession's sake
Now I'm seventh fate with the longest session wait
To question my legend's state and my worst story possessed in slate
When I stepped in gates I'm no longer doubting my case
You can see it out in my face as I spit out in tight pace
I have a new story to tell for the slew of suffering people from my glory
Never knew rhymes were so gory until you spew at times that were horrid
Causing morbid suffering bubbling true rage with no good buffering
But all the hate just stood or orbit the stage not even looking up for an uttering
'Till my curtains begin shuttering they begin muttering and brewing further things
Tryna start a hurtin' and a burden to make me start rude stuttering
Now I apologize for all the fights and demolished guys
'Till the day I auto-pilot that I realize at top of heights
With the anger I bottled right there caused danger strain hurt
Into hostile life changers, kept my reign worse
Until it was too late and in my face stood fate
Felt like a fool's state and came here for rule's sake
Now here's my screwed days for you to judge
A lot of grudge from the rock bottom's nudge crushed
Me to spit these rapper rottin' stuff
I still stand fearlessly even if they took it seriously
And mirrors me from my words lyrically
Not knowing it's just our expression
Here's my tale as I go out this session

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