Party (recording)

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whip it, dip it, you know me I get it, If I want it, It gets taken, You can't get a refund, of a fee, you can do is fight me Bruce Lee. The one who knocks you down like one two three, just me, you gettin knocked down to the ground, i ain't some butler, and if you utter my name, you will be full of shame, cuz you lost the game, Game over, cuz I got that four leeaf clover , Still I got to stay Sober, I get want I need, and then I get Freed, Paradise, overpriced meats, $200 beats, really, all this is sme silly time, cuz i have to rhyme, to score dimes, to provide my family groceries, All my raps got enemies, their all dummies, gimme some money, Cuz I'm on my journey

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