Mc Kit - At The Gate

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KiT's Notes

(Dreamt or Dreamed)
every bar has same amount of syllables, check it!

i walked many roads took countless steps
Got High as Cloud submerged to great depths
i did all this to shine Light through my texts
and here i am at CLUB Eden's door steps
i did what you taught me, i was honest and good
i believed in myself i was wearing my hood
i Rapped about you, God i did it with respect
i Dreamt to to be like You but couldn't be perfect
I'm eMCee Kit checking the mic right now
lyrics come to me, let me show you how
follow me people! This is what i told them
i told them to hear, do what you taught me:
positive thoughts form a positive mind
positive words from my enlightened mind
i studied Hip Hop, music of freedom
i was not a slave i was a free man
i planted the seeds and my love blossomed
i did it so that my soul would prosper
learned from mistakes tried not to make any
i did some bad things but i didn't do many
here i am right at the Gate to "Club Eden"
let me eMCee today, hear my soul singing
and i hear the bass and i embrace this sound
and that's what i will tell God right on His cloud

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