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Can I try this rap thing out? It's my first time I promise.
Yo check it out, I got a couple things to say
I hate being subtle, so bring the mic my way.
Emcees are lucky I'm feeling nice today
I can burn ya quicker than a furnace in a microwave.
I earned this right, OK? Sit there and fix your face.
I take the furthest light and make it a much brighter place.
This writer takes your raps and holds them to a lighter.
Prior to that fact, you should know that I'm the fire.
I'm the one that makes it hot, baby watch.
Ladies always be crazy for my veiny...HA
Maybe not, let me stop and drop the topic.
Either way I'm rolling on and still got it poppin.
God, you can't stop him
He took the game, rocked it, then plopped it in his pocket.
Nonsense, if you try to block this shit. Stop it prick.
Just watch me bitch, I'm flyer than a rocket ship.
I'm kinda just a cocky dick, talking shit
But I'm well prepared to walk a bit till you all get dissed.
You washed up kids don't want a part of this.
I'm the hardest artist cause all bars are flawless. I called it.
I have to go, but it's safe to say I stole the show.
My name is Jome - just thought I ought to let you know.
I'll crush ya in a rhyme, bust a line a break your bone.
Then I take your phone, call your girl and take her home.
At my place I make her moan, shake, and groan
Yo I keep the ho cumming from the fucking bass alone.
Know your role.
I'm home in my zone, just holding the throne.
Thought I told ya holmes, I'm a pro. This is Jome.
Time to go, let's roll.

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