Kloud 9

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Throw a dog a bone u see dat poor dog starving, while eatin on yo wheaties tina's on the milk carton, I inhale diesel and, exhale carbon, blowed outta my fuckin mind feel like a mutha fuckin marxian, i could really go for steak right now, could somebody make me a plate right now, I'm high den a bitch & i can't come down, took a nap n I'm bout to wake and bake right now, i was gonna go look for a job but den i got high, story of my fuckin life, *blows smoke to the sky * so i.. just chill n pull out another swisher wrap, pull out da mac get my rap pad n kill da cypher rap, how is da coldest one the hottest. the highest one, but lowest, the bitch name looked like louis she corrected me "its lois" I'm like kool nobody has a name like "lois" anymore or hattie may, edna, albert, kall me bert for short, ass niggas be killing me, need a rocket just to be, on the same layer of the atmosphere as me. u square nobody in yo circle is as sphere as me. when the gun jam fuck it i'll go on a spearin spree. suicide flows cause nobody else is killing me, spit rounds n lay em down they tryna charge me wit conspiracy, take it to the grave no ones as live as me mama, and we'll never have a president as live as Obama, hit the club wit a check n imma fuck up some commas, n drive home drunk baby imma make it home safe i promise n i never lied to u, fuck let me stop lying , I'm trying not to tell no lie to u, u kant stand when when I'm lying, took my daughter i phone she kicked n screamed like she dyin, so i just put my beats on grab a light and get high. i smoke a sweet to sleep count clouds not sheep and stop at 9, i pop a pill no seroquel but xanax do me just fine, when i smoke the marley mane its top of the line, not just every now and then I'm talking bout all of the time, I'm not the type that you gone hear talkin all of the time, finally got a whip u niggas walking all of the time, i told u i don't like to talk but a nigga love to rhyme, bout to light another L just high saying whats on my mind listen linda. honey. listen. honey. listen. listen

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