Do It Anyway

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to tell yall the truth i ain't really feeling this beat
but i'll do it anyways cause i'll never admit defeat
and when i hop right on the track i'll be spitting that heat
when you hear me rap you put that shit on repeat
i'll put you other rappers to sleep but not from boredom
that's a euphemism so i'll call that postmortem
and when i jump on the track i got em beading sweat
cause like bombs they know that i'll be blowing up a threat
my verses inhumanely sick so i take em to a vet
i bet i'll get the greatest award but just not yet
assassinate yo ass like i'm bounty hunter boba fett
i fascinate you suckers with every single breath
i'mma do this to my death, got flame like cigarettes
i'm so addicted to these rhymes like i'm snortin meth
this instrumental is simply too light hearted for me
but i do it for the cypher cause they know that i'm a g
and i don't keep it p g especially when i'm on t v
and i do this all for free so wheres my emcee degree
i decree that i'll be the one and only ruler, monarchy
i'll leave permanent stains on this game, sharpie
i'mma kamikaze on these bodies in the lobby
and i'm ridin in ferraris beside all my bugatti's
alright fine, i'll admit, that was all just some bullshit
just to contradict, i ain't got the cash for a spaceship
but i quip, i'm still blowing up like nagasaki
a humble cocky moron, yeah without all the oxy-
gen, i'll take your breath away
i'll turn your career to ruins like pompeii
officer put em in handcuffs, call that fifty shades of grey
asian boy ain't got the rapping in his d n a
but i do it anyway cause i know i was born for this
and your raps sound like prattle, but not like chris
i'm breaking the flow and waiting for hoes
evading these holes and taking it slow
but i'm rapping so fast and i'm going full mast
time warp from past, through time i passed
when i break supersonic speed with the flow
in these wormholes and physics i undergo
beat's breaking down to a gradual stop
it's time to get off of the bus at this stop
yall gotta go home cause it's your bed time
meanwhile i'll be claiming the game as all mine

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