Loosey Goosey Cypher

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I talk so much trash but when the cypher come on its like missing the basket, trashketball
can't wait till my cash is tall
then it won't matter that I ain't passing my classes
the beats lagging so I can't go my fastest
ha! I'm bragging
I wonder which one of you maggots is saddest
me? I'm opposite of the baddest
meanwhile your girl making me the gladdest like I'm making you the maddest when you rage playing madden
wait a minute this ain't a diss, whoops habits
I tend to seek havoc while I reach for that lavish
lifestyle with the leather jacket
reproducing every night like a rabbit
going Loosey Goosey with rhymes like I don't wanna cash it
I know you gonna vote for me cause my names Hybreed
that mean I'm the best part of every other emcee
only a minute into this?
I'm killing this
funny thing is, I ain't even feeling this
when I mean Hybreed I don't mean a dog on weed
I mean your girl don't even gotta get on her knees
how many times I just rhymed mean?
more than three
take that number and double it, I still got more honeys
man I even got more honeys than money
which I guess ain't saying much
ain't even gonna go clutch this sucks I'm done

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