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I was always told not to put politics in rap
but this loosey goosey track got out my bob marley locks
got me thinking about the world from a different perspective
if I hurt some feelings doing this it's just my opinion
Listen, every single day it's a new topics on the news,
But I'm always hearing bout the Jenner who went from Bruce,
To Caitlyn, sparking fustration and ovation mongst the population,
Takin away our concentration from the people out here dying on the streets,
May they Rest in peace Rest in Peace with their dreams,
Martin Luther King said that he had a dream for our nation to be tall 'spite the color of our skin,
Media, hates that, now we going way back cause a white boy schemed now we thinking where the rest at,
When you're black and young you're told run from the po-po,
Cause they gon arrest you for the things that you don't know
Now we gotta run just in case we the see light,
And only if we're lucky we will see a prison fight,
Why a group of people gotta live like this?
Can we get some people just to reconsider this?
Is this war?! Is this war for sure?! We can't take anymore! We can't let you take down the USA no more
This is war! This is war for sure! But why we fighting for?! Why are we fighting for?

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