Loosey Goosey Cypher

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Got the sickest rhymes, it's killing time, I spit real quick
And feel the time, so tick and tock, my time is up like Hickery Dock
Went up the clock, you shocked that I could fit on top this beat
This is the easiest feat
You making it too simple for the boy from the 6 side
Same place where Mr. Drake he resides, now look in my eyes
See the galaxy of inner thoughts that flow like winter's glow
Inside my mind, Heaven sent skills, I'm so divine, like the holy grail
In which Jesus sipped the reddest wine, the finest kind
The top spot is truly and only mine
It's only and truly time I shumruda these stupid bustas
Kill suckas, then rip out they jugglas
Have them Juggled by jugglers, me the master of ceremonies, the MC
E = Mr. Me, you see, I'm Mr. Miyagi, doing the shit he taught me
Haters be tryna pop me, yet I'm popping bottles and pulling throttles
Hate to see me eating, I'm feasting, and then I'm tapping models
Living the life, and destroying this fucking cypher
Heat it up like evil dragons, with this fire they call me Slifer
Oh man, I used a Yu-Gi-Oh reference inside my lines
7 seconds all I need to shine, capture moments inside of vines
Like me opening a bottle of Heinz
Or seeing the transition of a teenage star named Amanda Bynes
Open your mind and see what you find
I see a young talented boy with a hell of grind
Don't agree well this track is just meant to prove
You lacking, don't ever lack, Mick Jenkins gave me that move
Love y'all but I hate y'all, I'm telling the truth
It's just a couple niggas with mics and we hitting the booth
And although our lives, intertwine, we all taking a different route
The only thing I ask the white man, please don't shoot

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