Times are changing

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And times are changing, I feel lost in a sea of time
thats granted times is taking its turns
while im taking my wrongs
OD on blue pills to put me back to sleep
where i feel life has its worth
were we dont call eatchother wothless
than worms in the dirt trying to stir this
mess of a society, empty shell casing at the side of me
kids starving right beside of me, take a left light a blunt
of what i have left of my brain fried, by my own hands
scared to look down, and see old hands an old man
staring back at me, in my bathroom mirror
punch it and make the image clearer
life dont ever go as planned, let me take the stirring wheel for
a spin cuck it out the window, to the wall writting my lines
to a puppet a master a sucker, stuck in a spiral faster
into this disaster called ,my career dont know what to do
just know i love music, and i hope she loves me to
but its been cheated on two, many times before to many tears
its cryed made a hoe, pimped out at two in the morning
waiting to be picked, up looked at like meat thats fucked
guess were fucked

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