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I'm a rookie in the game but I play it like a veteran,
addicted to the beats as if it was heroine,
you're stupid as fuck if you think you're better than,
cause I'll teach a lesson in what it's like to be heaven sent,
My rhymes will have you sweating,
Leave all these bitches guessing,
Cause my skill was destined as if it was a blessing,
You beginners need professing,
My fame is just progressing
as I keep wrecking and impressing while your bitching,
Its head that I'm getting,
Your bitch that I'm sexting,
Her clothes that im undressing,
And her pussy that I'm stretching,
If you think she's faithful then you're the one I'm addressing,
and if you think to stepping,
threatening and flexing,
then I'ma leave you resting,
with my golden smith n Wesson,
I fly like a frisby having these bitches fetching,
Pleading and begging,
to be filled with my dressing,
Its not a story that I'm telling,
But I'll place you in a setting,
Your sitting on a couch being lonely and depressing,
while your bitch is on my dick and its her thirst that I'm quenching,
shooting and suppressing,
In her mouth that I'm entering,
Cause she had been requesting,
To give my dick a proper tasting,
To hell I am transgressing,
My sins I'm not confessing,
I am an Eminem hopsin coalescing,
Sit down and start assessing,
And now you can learn a few things that your skill is probably missing,
I'm voted the best and there's no revisiting
Be warned its all of you I am targeting,
Now on this beat I am exiting

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