Flows Only

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I feel like Noah on this shit, was that an ark I saw?
And if I have to save the day I'm out in Arkansas,
Chilling with a pretty little liar on the Panama
Sipping these coronas Bella Donnas at the carnival
And if you think you fucking with me
You can suck a dick and shovel dirt on top an amputee
You asking me I'm telling you I'm all you see
And everything is make believe, believe in me
the meaning of the question is a masonry
That's on that Illuminati tip
Riding through a naughty bitch
Singing laudy daudy dipping from the cops
Oh no I think somebody shot me, tell him stop
And if I catch him I'mma make him scream for poppy
never stopping I'm a menace, let me finish
If I sentence you to death then that's a periodic census
Check the table what's it mention
Listen man I'm itching for a mission this repentance
Just excuses for the vision, If I stumble it's intended,
If I mumble it's in Venice, cause the drinks are hella strong
If I flow for any longer than you'll have to sing along
But I hate you like the color of my walls I painted wrong
So if I'm bringing out the red paint, then you should just be gone
My flow bright like Hong Kong, my flow tight like Pyongyang
I still suck at ping-pong, and rip one of three bongs
She smoked out like pall-mall, and that's good cause I'm stalled
Balled out like worn thongs, and man tights, that's so wrong
But look, If you telling me that you can make this happen
That's some magic, cause the fractions never adding up,
I think you suck at rapping, look at that, I think I'm snapping
Red fish, inform the captain, I can see them off the bow,
And when this shit is in my net, I'm looking out, expect a bow
Cause this a mother fucking spectacle,
The type you form to rescue those you know who know they lesser cool
The lesson you expecting here to learn is that i'm testing you,
Or maybe only besting you

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