Cypher Submission

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The bars are stacking up, I'm getting lost in my pad
I'm running out of pages, this is the last chance I have
This cypher submission is only here to attract
But when I'm done Amir's putting my name on a plaque
My bars are intact, I mix knowledge and #facts
You mix together #lies and swag, then call it a #rap
You need to entrap the fact that you need to adapt
Because you cant fuck #jill if you dont know #jack
You wanna collab? Sure I'm fucking down with that
but if you retract I will stab a man in the back
I'm putting my town on the map. call me Bugzy Malone
May as well call me Loki (#Lowkey) , because I'm taking the throne
No #terrorism in my zone, I am protecting my home
Ice cold down to the bone, frozen chromosome's
#Orange is the new #black call me #Fred #Flintstone
the way I'm smashing my bone club on the top of your dome
I'm about to build up more hype that fucking #Ruby #Rose
I have to uphold #rocky goals, #Sylvester #Stallone
You wanna rap over trap, thats something I dont condone
You get #caught #in #a #trap, and get left there alone
I have a #suspicious #mind that was messy when designed
but infectious with every line so you stay heavily confined
Yeah I rep #west #side, but I'm not throwing the #signs
I roll with #three #wise #men, three mice that were blind
I running out of time, I've gotta give it my best
I must invest more and more into this gift I've been blessed
I must express and confess the feeling that I ingest
So I can rest in bed with disturbance in my head
Me and my family have been poor all my life
My mother no husband, my father no wife
Living on a council street, it aint no delight
No one's polite, Im lucky if I dont get cut with a knife
I'm rolling with the serpents, we glide in the night
I had to learn to survive n wait for my time to arrive
I went overdrive, murdering rappers with every line
I connived to deprive your career a revive
you despise but I dont care cause I'm to alive to give a fuckk
Give me my fucking money Amir

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