Beethoven Cypher Entry

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Everyday I spit hard shit
fucking still drunk from the night before and I still got witt
When the beat come on my flow emits
some people find it hard to admit
but when they realize they just submit
cause if they don't i'll lose it
recommit till my shit is holy writ
and its considered inspirational
sensational and motivational
like Beethoven's generation
feel the flow and vibe through simple vibrations
you don't need to hear to make a lasting creation
you just need to focus on your temptations
stay true and don't let anything be taken
just straighten your thoughts cause one day you'll awaken
and realize you don't want to be forsaken
like a pagan trying to find Satan
you're heart will be left vacant
till you see the light and a maiden comes and claims it
and you get turned around and all you see is flames
cause you didn't have the brains to change games
and all you had to do was cross plains
leave the chains unshackled
and fight for everything you want till it's battled
leave everyone you know rattled and scared
and all of who you cared left square and relationships repaired
and just get your stuff aired
and leave no one to compare
even if your visually impaired
everyone has a chance to express their passion
fasten their belt and leave the competition in ashes
just pick the right action and you'll end up in a mansion
follow this anthem by a fraction
and live your legacy to move past your grandsons
just stay away from the phantoms holding handguns
cause they'll hold your heart to ransom
and you'll forget the sanctum and what you could have created
all the time and effort wasted just based on hatred
the things you would have done left unstated
the people you love unaided which drove them to suicide
cause what you said mean't something to them inside
which made them feel pride for the first time
and gave their tears time to dry
and gave them real interpretation of the blue sky
and the real meaning of what is is to die
just stop getting high all the time
and you'll give your mind time to comply.

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