Moonlight Flow

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They challenged me to flow on this dope beat, but I just don't know
How could you call this a challenge, I'll still put on a show
I'm cold and ruthless like the wind, I slither coming slow
And the truth is inside the booth, I kill like freaking O
J, you know I don't play, you know I'm here to stay
This moonlight flow will turn you up whether it's night or day
So in these 16, you'll know I'm mean and I got rhymes
Something you never seen, Beethoven in double time
You cannot imitate, the rap I generate, just sit back and behold my delivery
You cannot recreate, you can just replicate all my sick tracks that flow by so slippery
I do not hesitate, so when I activate hyperdrive you can taste my artillery
And as I levitate, I see you gravitate on your sure way pacing towards misery
And I'm making my plays, no one led me astray, I won't stop til I get where the top is
All my angels wlll pray, they will guide all my way, as I become the cream of the crop, G
This is my battle cry, as I walk through the night, and bewaring of any plot twists
I proceed to be fly, even deaf people vibe, so I guess Beethoven would prop me

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