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This song is about a nightmare I had as a kid that I still remember vividly today. Feeedback pllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. pls

Darkness surrounded me as I sliddddd off of my bed
tried turning the lights on, but it turns out everything is dead
ran into my momma's room, shook her 'long with daddy too,
Sister came out running with pajamas and her midnight food
We ran into the kitchen because that's where only light was found
as I cried my parents called the neighbors cause we needed help,
but little did we know about the demons that would follow them,
little did we see when the evils came to haunt us,
They came in knocking with a tool box to fix our electricity
After tampering wit it they said it broke, we can't fix it
I was scared out of my skin, and my heart kept pumping
but then we heard a scream from outside
Get down she said,
My Sister went to see what happened
lady outside was being eaten up and the moon's blood red
What happened??
I think I'll find out soon enough, ran to my sis poked my head through the door
When I peeped out I saw hounds and, humans with pitchforks, demons with powers to turn trees to fire cement on the road looked a like a lake of silver only thing missing was that nigga hitler
I turned around, saw my parents and neighbor behind a sofa
As I got closer the door knocked down and got a hold of,
Me 'fo I could hide thrown to trees outside my house, and I was stuck in place despite my dying will to just survive
As I laid there 3 red hounds came trotting towards me,
I don't know what they need
It appears to be me
When I realized that
I awoke from my scary dream

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