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I'm from a far away place
Full of grace just gliding is this null space
A thing misplaced
Space, it can make your mind erase
Make your spirit lift with no weights
feel its brace
come with me we can retrace our existence
if you're willing to go the distance
live with other races in coexistence
If you need a hand I can lend you my assitance
we can see it together
forever flouting like a feather through the wind
distant stars dimmed
so beautiful and tinged
travelling like angels that are winged
I can show you the galaxy
Just hop into my space ship taxi
I know it seems wacky
Just relax
I can protect you
an alien that can resurrect
a human subject
Didnd't turn out perfect
so they ejected me in the air
left me in deep space to despair
for everynight I prayer and swear
just to find that no one was there
left only as a child I was scared
but now I found you in the same snare
us the perfect pair
finally can discuss and shares
under the sun overwhelming glare
feel the hot air on your face
you were sent for my soul to repair
I've been spared
but the only thing that crosses me is my thoughts
been alone so long can't seem to get my head across
are you real or has my mind been lost
turned to frost
left on a loft drifting
keeps my spirits from lifting
ideas constantly shifting
like the boy fishing on the crescent moon
a natural depressant like a cursed rune
I'll get my revenge and throw a tungsten harpoon
a revenge on earth with massive typhoons
stupid buffoons
think their immune to death
they aren't even worth a breath
can't keep control of their own kids who are addicted to meth
it turns my mind to mess
you should've known I guess
to the still mind free of stress
the whole universe surrenders undistressed

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