Joe Blow

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My name is average joe/
just another moe with an ugly flow/
and a corn hole so big it'll make you go whoa/
and yes I live on skid row/
so low on dough you'll be throwing money at my toes/
and a wife so ugly looks like a cracked up Marylin monroe/
I'm very slow/
so fucked up on home grown I be seeing colors like vincent van gogh/ ugly like a carrion crow/
so fucked up on snow they be calling me joe blow/
I pimp the std riddled hoes/
so obvious they're given a golden glow/
I'm just another sock in a puppet show/
owe so much money to the bank their trying to repo my skanks/
and every night I spanked by my pedophile uncle frank/
he calls me his personal sperm bank/
after that he trys to run me down the suicidal plank/
tells me to go to school with a shank/
and steal all the piggy banks/
so he can afford some crank/
and put some money in his gas tank/
and he's finally sank me to the bottom/
falling like autumn/
living in the city of Sodom/
just another slave forced to pick some cotton/
sucking for money has turned my teeth rotten/
trying to earn enough money to blossom/
I proceed with caution/
if the deal goes bad then it's time to play possum/
the opposite of awesome/
better put me up for adoption and find a better looking option/
face that'll make you nauseous/
looks like a bug you try to drain down the faucet/
or at least keep me and make some profit/
I'll clean your house for some chocolate/
and a place to sleep if you'll be modest/
nah fuck you boy were locking you in the closet/
force you to work the streets and steal from pockets/
earn your keep and you'll find a place to sleep/
oh and by the way your new dads a creep/
cover your sheets or he'll take a peek/
and no weeping to the police or you'll find your throat seeping/
and don't try to run away/
I'll know you've went astray when I'm missing my ashtray/
oh and by the way I'll need your help in the bathtub/
there's a sensitive point that I needed you to scrub/
it needs a rub/
my little nub/
after that maybe you can have some grub/
fuck that I'll just die/
hang myself with a long tie and leave a note thats says goodbye.

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