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my meaning is simple, like my ABCs, let me be real,
out the womb I appeared with a purpose imma fulfill,
my stories express heat through the words I instill,
I mark canvases out of sound waves that make time stand still,
and if you don't believe in that, rapping ain't for you,
fuck the game as it is, revision long overdue,
stuff that game and it hits, you know just smoke with the crew,
red eyed devils that'll battle and if you tried you'd be mute,
my team just hard in the paint cuz we high flying and shit,
spitting lyrics like we assassins with blow darts equipped,
yall just animals for the kill because yall don't have enough wit,
rappers wanna good grade on blueprint and forget to get a grip,
Story tellers get slept on, but not this one the script has flipped,
I'll come quick with a load bigger than with my pants unzip
Forget the fact that, we trying to make fat stacks,
I'm just writing from my soul before my body collapse,
and we relax as everyone of us can understand that,
what we putting out is for the world, just want them to see our souls,
imagine what it might be like to have an album that could go Gold,
and as a whole, we got a dream, that platinum what we take home,
I could only wish what it would be like to be compared to J. Cole,
or maybe Kendrick or Nas, be so poetic and raw,
gotta style that you could spit that'll make the crowd be in awe,
but we still learning, I ain't famous, I just gotta dream,
no money and I'm hungry just keeping eyes on the cuisine,
imma be sick as fuck with no cure say a nigga diseased,
Really picked it up when a nigga turned eighteen,
I had to realize that it wasn't always about smilies,
gotta be down to earth, you know, the effects gravity,
and we falling like crazy, and the pavement getting wavy,
yo music library we is shaking just for yo safety,
Woke as fuck this life is starting to being a waste see,
it's shitty, you just gotta wipe yo ass just to be free,
it's a pity, that it's my job to sway the crowd, verb and a noun,
at the same time, bridge the gap, and divert from the doubt,
last two bars was a reverb, echoed the same meanings and sounds,
blessed as the emcee you control it all,
gotta produce from your heart or suffer withdrawals,
I'm writing hard every bar building freedoms just doing my part,
got my words erect, and yo ears wet as a pond,
eargasam now you twitching yo face stuck like some retards
tryna be extra cold subzero ice sculpted words is my art,
I'm tryna set it off, this is clock work, believe I'm the bomb,
and i'm joking on em, with a smile, I'm so vicious but calm,
just a soldier with tank for a tongue, with heat in my lungs,
shooting missiles over instrumentals,
i'm so deadly when I'm gripping on my pencil,
fake emcees just pretentious with no potential,
every hit is like a rental, it's a lie,
but once you hear mine I'm never dying,
Recorded this with a earbud mic so there's no denying,
that as long as my words reach ya boy is striving, almost inspiring

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