True Emcee (Cypher Submission)

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If you don't know anything about me, you're about to find out.
Cuz I mean, the first thing you need to know about me
is that I consider myself a true emcee.
Rap music speaks so much about my life and everything I believe in.
Hiphop is definitely a part of me.
What does it mean to you?
Let me ask you something...
Do you know what it means to wake up and go into
A state of inspiration when lines appear tenfold?
Do you know how it feels to close your eyes and reveal
It's a highlight reel of rhymes, fire and steel
Like woven words swirling through reality fabric
You speak of mankind through poetry
It's only the act of a messenger at his peak
The pen leaks ink, my soul bleeds and it flows through a creek
Made of my lyrics, I wish mom could hear this, man
But she I would think I'm mentally ill, well maybe I am
At least I'm sick enough to consider, making some plans
If I'd loot some cash from my passion, I'd never work again
Have you ever spoken your mind in front of a crowd
It's insane, It's like you had ten brains to reroute a
Path, just figure out how to spit out your thoughts in real time
White or black, man, you're wack if you ain't got no rhymes
Uh, a true emcee will make you jump from your seats
A real nigga don't cheat on wifey, cuz she's here since the streets
Every rapper's a criminal, wanted for arson at least
Hiphop police has a warrant on me for murdering beats
Did I stutter?
That's how a true MC delivers.
Mad flow, like a chameleon, adjusting to the environment
That's how it goes
The Endomorph, RapPad
Peace out, motherfuckers. Ha!

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