Pay To Play

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◘ Warren Jay, It's V;
On Police Brutality On T.V.;
We're Repeating History
Nothing Changes..
Let me give you my two min piece;
I'm not here begging for world peace;
I read the news people getting fucked with;
Honestly, honest mistake, or dealing with corrupt pigs?
Another kid, meet their deadline, new names filling the headline;
Community and Coppers face off, where to draw the fine line on the frontline;
Should I be fine, right? then racists' hatred fuck with my mind;
It's hard nowadays to keep on a right vibe;
I hear torments on the comments ignorance wasting my time;
I'm working my ass off, reeling, still on the grind;
I'm no thug, people want to rock hard with vice, they pay the price;
If I did, I bite my lip, snitches, if I get caught, I know I'm rolling the dice;
The stakes are higher, jakes' military upgrades on their fliers,
If you're feeling the heat, they see it in their thermal gadgets;
You gather together, prepare for there is smoke there's fire;
Pepper spray and tear gas, oh shit, 5-0 trigger happy, misfire;
Outlaws, bandits, it's all good; until we lose our cool;
And our families, the people we lose,
We're responsible for our actions, each and one of us.
Badges, Crooks; we're all humans;
It's a game of Cops and Robbers;
If you play you have to pay.

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