Police The Brutality

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[Verse 1]
Red and blue, what does that do?
Beside manifest the urge to recreate the purge,
This is gonna be what unifies the goths, the nerds,
the pissed off, the turds,
the lions, the birds, the science, the words.
Like, "Don't Shoot!"
But it's too late, body bagged and I'm already tossed down the chute.
Found my head swollen with a fresh print of a boot.
Maybe if I was a fresh prince they would gently sit me in their coupe.
But, nah nah nah.
They wanna see more blood shed,
These cops wanna B&E, to beat us in our own bed.
But then they see the grass, and then they wanna spray,
Talk about lawn care cause they do this every day!
So when I say, they put us in this mentality,
that means it's worse for both ends, constant casualties.
And now we're on the street, watch them call in the cavalry.
I'm chillin, rolling a burrito, overlooking from the balcony.
Shakin my head, as I burn these calories,
They're supposed to protect us, so why do I feel like the enemy.
They chief saw me, squinted and laughed,
Motioned forward, and the dogs continued their path.
Civilians outgunned and outnumbered, I'll let you do the math.

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