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People are shrugging it off like it's not causing fatalities,
This shit's fucking validly a part of reality,
We call this shit police brutality, it's all about bigotry,
these deputies with weaponry, have the authority to kill a minority.
It ain't a priority to take down this superiority,
People getting beatin' up by a gang of mothafuckas,
sucker punching you all because they didn't like your attitude.
like right dude, I'm supposed to believe that shit,
Few and far between are these real good guys,
who we really should idolize, but they don't get that luxury,
cause the country is corrupted, the cops are disruptive.
A young black man was shot down for stealing cigarillos,
simply put he was probably going home to chill, get baked with his fellows.
Yo, take Freddie Gray, cops stomped on his back till it snapped.
Then they threw him in custody, such animosity breeds negativity.
Feeds the protesters rights, to start a non-violent fight..
till shit gets outta hand, and revenge is wanted, police are taunted,
we stoop to there level, now we're all in peril,
Victimizing everything in our way, but what can we say,
The ones we looked up to, respected, are neglecting and letting..
the feeling of resentment to be stepping all over them.
Now this nations divided, liberation confided.
Just a rumor, now are you excited?

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