Dylan - Police Brutality Cypher

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Put your hand in your pocket can be seen as a threat
Every fucking cop find a way to suspect
Every fucking time they'll find a way to check
That you some straight up kid with a clean neck
What the fuck has happened, what the fuck we got
They call this safety but the innocent getting shot
Just for carrying a rucksack you getting stopped
Searching you and if ya got a pen ya getting dropped
We the ones following the rules yet we getting watched
You become the first suspect when your house get robbed
and you become the first victim when they get stuck...
when they cant do fuck, about it
Everyone wants you to stop because it isn't there success
Most people don't like seeing there peers be the best
Because they too comfortable in the job that has no progress
They never goin' conquer what they wanna conquest
They'll do what it takes to make you leave your dreams at rest
They too busy putting there time some where it wont invest
Because failure is easier to achieve than success
They too busy doing another persons request
They blame the public for crime cos its easily said
Now the government got every fucker under surveillance spread
Across the nation for safety but we know its all miss said
Dont break a sweat mr government we aint gonna forget
You are the eyes of the law but you look away when you regret

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